The whole experience can feel like an adware slideshow on steroids. The PowerDVD program is usually bundled on the Windows 10 system as part of a laptop sales promotion strategy or other activities. If you want a better Blu-Ray media player, go for an Xbox One device or opt for a Blu-Ray ripper.

  • You can do this by following the instructions that came with your computer or by searching online for instructions.
  • Switching a device out of Windows 11 Home in S mode also requires internet connectivity.
  • However, at the time of this writing, the ability to take full page screenshots is only available in the Canary channel.

In Microsoft Store on the higher right, choose the account menu after which choose Settings. Under App updates, set Update apps robotically to On. How to uninstall app updates Go to your phone’s Settings app.

XDA’s Apps

Once you launch it, you can follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall it from your system. The selected app should now be uninstalled from your system. If you have uninstalled a heavy program, we recommend clearing your cache using this guide, especially if the program exceeded the size of 30+ GB.

That’s it, Apply Changes and press the Ok button to save the configuration. You will see two new entries, we have created, now select the one with the “Windows 10 Safe Mode” name and select “Safe mode“. To configure it further mark the “Minimum” option. Well, this works on Windows 10 without any problem. What you have to do is- click on Windows 10 Start menu, press Shift Key, click on the Power icon, and Restart your System.

Other changes that do manage to grab your attention — like the newly centered Start button — tend to fade into the background quickly. Windows, originally released in 1985, remains a key piece of Microsoft’s business. In its fiscal fourth quarter, Windows delivered $6.6 billion in revenue, representing 14% of the software and hardware company’s total sales. A successful release of Windows 11 could further secure the franchise’s future, which can also benefit other parts of Microsoft’s business, such as Azure and Office.

Similarly, Windows 11 22H2 will also try to install its updates when the local electricity supply is coming from renewable sources, assuming it has access to data feeds with that information. From an enterprise standpoint, one would hope that an administrator has an organization’s fleet under sufficient control. Microsoft released three new enterprise-grade security products on Tuesday. Panay’s statement above contained a footnote indicating that his statement pertains to “devices that have a Microsoft Account and have eligible releases and compatibility.”

Method #02: Uninstall in Safe mode

A tech fanatic with a hunger for knowledge in the ever-growing field of science and technology. An avid quizzer and a gadget critic who loves simplifying tech for the masses has a keen interest in modding Android devices. Install the app after downloading it and open PicPick. The UI is quite simple so choose whichever option you want. Instead of pressing just the PrtScn key, press the Windows key and the PrtScn key together. Keep Your Connection Secure Without a Monthly Bill.

Press Alt + PrtScrn key to capture only the active window you’re working in. In most cases this will automatically save the image on your screenshot folder. To take a screenshot right now, you can press the Windows key + Print Screen button on your keyboard.

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